What if you could have

a better death?



Imagine that you are at the end of your life -- I know, it isn't something you may want to contemplate. And yet, it is something that we all share -- being born, and dying.  The two bookends of life: birth and death.  

But what if you could have someone by your side, someone who might be able to give you guidance in making your transition?  What if you could find peace with the life you have lived? What if you could heal your hurts or the hurts you may have caused?  What if, in the last few months of your life, you could consciously address

...your emotional life?

...your physical comfort and the physical environment in which you will die?

...your life's purpose?

...your spiritual beliefs and practices?

...how your body will be cared for after you die?

What if someone could make your death a beautiful experience for you and your loved ones?